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    • Games Spot Reviews: Titanfall 2 Review

      Titanfall 2 is a game about momentum. It knows when to rush forward at a breakneck pace. It knows when to give us time to breathe. Both in its single player campaign and its multiplayer modes, Titanfall 2 has a more measured pace than its predecessor, making the build-up to its climactic battles just as enticing as the events themselves. It's every bit as kinetic and fluid as the first Titanfall--but in many respects, it's a much better shooter.

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    • Games Spot Reviews: 100ft Robot Golf Review

      It's a rare thing in this day and age when everything you need to know about a game is right there in the title--and even rarer that said title is such an instantly appealing concept like 100-foot robots playing golf. And yet, even if 100ft Robot Golf is an inspired concept, the actual game is anything but.

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    • In Style Fashion News Feed: The Cool New Earring Brand The Instagram Crowd Is Obsessed With
      And they’re actually affordable
    • In Style Fashion News Feed: Victoria Beckham Is Launching Her First High Street Collection
      Victoria Beckham will soon be selling her dresses on the high street with this Target collaboration
    • In Style Fashion News Feed: Designer Richard Nicoll Has Died Aged 39
      Police are not treating the death as suspicious
    • Games Spot Reviews: The Silver Case Review

      If Suda 51 represents one of a scant few auteur game designers, The Silver Case, finally released on Western shores in this remastered form, is basically his student film, a statement of intent and trajectory rather than its own cohesive masterwork. As such, The Silver Case has a few of the elements that fans have come to recognize in a legitimate "Suda 51 Joint", but those elements are obscured by convoluted point-and-click gameplay, and a story that meanders, rants, and rambles getting where it needs to go.

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    • Games Spot Reviews: WWE 2K17 Review

      Since the shift to current-generation consoles, 2K's WWE series has steered away from the arcade-style formula of its extensive lineage. It's clear that developers Yuke's and Visual Concepts want to forge their own unique path to a simulation style of wrestling video game, iterating further and further in this direction with each passing installment. Much like last year, matches in WWE 2K17 have a distinctly measured pace, focused on capturing the look and feel of the current WWE product as closely as possible.

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    • Games Spot Reviews: Eagle Flight Review

      Eagle Flight is a first-person VR shooter set in a dilapidated version of Paris where you pilot an eagle using your head. If that isn’t quirky enough for you, it’s also a multiplayer-centric game where you shoot other eagles with supersonic screeches.

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    • In Style Fashion News Feed: This Is Emma Watson’s Favourite New Trainer Brand
      And it’s eco-friendly
    • Games Spot Reviews: Battlefield 1 Review

      Battlefield 1 wastes little time in conveying the savagery of World War 1. The inevitability of death is the focus of the bleak story prologue. A burning man’s screams can be heard at the start of every multiplayer match in the Argonne Forest. It’s ruination on a multi-continental scale, a conflict so large that its location menus showcase a large portion of the Earth. EA DICE splendidly interprets the early 20th century as a world in technological transition while humanizing the war's participants through well crafted, albeit fictional, narrative vignettes.

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